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Don't Stop Praying

Just the other day I came across this thought-provoking remark by Leonard Ravenhill: "A sinning man stops praying; a praying man stops sinning." This brought to mind something I once heard an old preacher say: “The one place you’ll never backslide is on your knees in prayer.” Then I reflected on the times I have gotten into trouble—when I have fallen into some sin of commission or omission—and realized that it was usually when I was so busy—busy with good things, with ministry things, mind you—that I let up in my prayer life. Is this your testimony too? More importantly, is it your condition right now? As Noel Brooks reminded us, “A sanctified man is still a man, and a sanctified woman is still a woman." The sin nature—that root of rebellion against God—was eradicated at sanctification, but there is still that human nature to bring and keep under godly control. Prayer warriors—even sanctified intercessors like you and me—are still human beings. We cannot afford to allow the flame of prayer to burn dim in our lives. Since “the prayer of a righteous man avails much,” there is more on the line than our personal spiritual condition: Others could be lost if we don’t pray.

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